My Kiwi

My Kiwi

The holistic experience of our ORGANIC-SPA is enriched with sustainable treatments dedicated to the body, based on selected 0 km products, chosen among the many and precious ones that our territory offers and which are produced by the farms in the surroundings of Lake Garda, without resorting to fertilizers or pesticides.



50-minute treatment €65.00

This fruit has found the ideal place to grow, near Lake Garda, thanks to the particularly sweet and mild climate. The proximity of the mountains also determines greater temperature variations between day and night in the period preceding the harvest, with a consequent greater concentration of fundamental nutritional elements such as vitamins and polyphenols.
It is very rich in vitamin C (it is the fruit that has the highest concentration by weight, more than lemon, orange and peppers, only one fruit satisfies our body’s daily needs) and potassium. It is antioxidant and exfoliating because it is rich in Alpha-Hydroxyacids, it assists the skin’s repair processes thanks to Vitamin A, has a toning action and protects the skin from free radicals.
It stimulates the natural production of collagen, improves blood circulation and promotes oxygenation: all of this translates into younger skin, protected from pollution, smoke, sun and ageing.
The ritual involves an initial exfoliation of the skin, deep but at the same time delicate, using oil and sugar, so as to make it smooth and very soft. Then follows a compress on the whole body obtained by mixing the pulp of the kiwi with a yogurt. During the installation, a particularly relaxing face and neck massage is performed.
At the end of a lukewarm shower, the still moist skin is deeply massaged with almond oil and pepper.
Relaxation is truly total as is the feeling of enveloping well-being.
The diffusion of the aroma of cloves is perfect as it is warming, stimulates the circulation, warms the soul and drives away melancholy.
An infusion of vanilla will finally be perfect with its sweet and enveloping fragrance.


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