Cloud of saffron

Cloud of saffron

The holistic experience of our ORGANIC-SPA is enriched with sustainable treatments dedicated to the body, based on selected 0 km products, chosen among the many and precious ones that our territory offers and which are produced by the farms in the surroundings of Lake Garda, without resorting to fertilizers or pesticides.



50-minute treatment €75,00

This ritual uses saffron, a very common ingredient in the Monte Baldo Natural Park (which extends over a vast portion of the Trentino Baldo between the Municipalities of Ala, Avio, Brentonico, Mori, Nago-Torbole), cultivated in a natural way, without the use of fertilizers or pesticides in many areas of Lake Garda (Prevalle, Gargnano, Pozzolengo, Desenzano, Lonato).
Saffron is a very rare spice. It is made up of the small stems of a flower – crocus sativus – which can only be harvested for two weeks a year and each flower must be harvested by hand (170,000 flowers produce about half a kilo of saffron!). It is very rich in vitamins A and C with antioxidant properties, therefore helps fight free radicals and, by promoting cell renewal, counteracts skin aging. It also has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Thanks to the presence of carotenoids (which give it its beautiful bright orange color) it is also effective in repairing skin damage caused by the sun such as hyperpigmentation. As it promotes circulation, it reduces the appearance of dark circles and lines of fatigue.
In short, it is a real panacea for all skin types.
The ritual with this precious ingredient begins with the application of a mask which is obtained by mixing yogurt and saffron, which will help the skin of the face regain freshness and firmness, reducing the signs of aging, and will give the whole body a deep sensation of pleasantness.
We continue with a full body massage using saffron and the famous Garda DOP oil renowned for its lightness and delicacy, fruity and rich in chlorophyll. Thanks to the favorable Mediterranean microclimate of the area, it is the northernmost oil produced in the world. The massage is performed with particular touches to recreate the sensation of a cuddle and promote a state of general relaxation.
The sparkling notes of pink pepper diffused in the environment will help instill optimism and good mood and a hot saffron infusion will be the best anti-stress imaginable!


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