Along the shores of Lake Garda the landscape is soft, cadenced by charming villages that maintained their typical characteristics and personality, and dominated by vines and olive groves.

Bardolino land and the adjacent areas offer lots of attractions that vary from historical to cultural to natural attractions, all to be visited, while the beaches and the theme parks of Gardaland, Movieland and all others promise pure fun. You’ll have the chance to practice your preferred sport choosing among golfing, biking and mountain biking, walking, trekking, windsurfing, sailing, horseback riding, hang gliding, and playing tennis.

Lake Garda influences also the local cuisine and the wine and food traditions. The most typical and characteristic element is the extra-virgin olive oil, famous for its light and delicate taste which combines perfectly with lake fish and with meats and polenta from the farming traditions. Excellent combination for every dish is the high quality wine produced by Garda wine-growers: Bardolino red and Lugana white.

There are different itineraries that run across the wine producing areas, leading visitors in a journey at the discovery of the flavours and fragrances of the land. The vicinity with Verona, which can be reached in less than 30 minutes, will allow you to be immersed in an atmosphere where art and history merge in a continuous and fascinating relationship: the Arena, Piazza delle Erbe, Castelvecchio and the Basilica of San Zeno.

Other historical cities near Lake Garda with world unique monuments are Mantua, Vicenza, Padua and Venice.


Garda Lake is the area of Italy with the highest concentration of amusement parks.

Park Cavour
Caneva World
Medieval Times
Movieland Studios
Parco Natura Viva
Aqua Paradise
Jungle Adventures
Sigurtà Garden
South Garda Karting
Gardaland, with its 600,000 square meters of mechanical attractions, theme and water, is the largest park in Europe, ideal for families with children of all ages.

Aqualux is a step away from all the theme parks.


In the historic center of Verona, one of the world’s most famous amphitheater.

The icon par excellence of this wonderful city, along with the story of Romeo and Juliet. Soaking up the atmosphere suffused in the downtown streets, suddenly the spectacular view of the Arena will surprise leaving you breathless. The Opera Festival inaugurated in 1913 with Giuseppe Verdi’s Aida, to celebrate the centenary of the artist’s birth, held every year during the summer, thousands of people.

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