AQUASPA welcomes you to a wonderful world where harmony and relaxation are the key words. Here you can really get back into tune with yourself and get in touch with your body, mind and spirit. Find yourself once again in this elegant and relaxing haven. A new dimension of peace and quiet awaits you, a place of relaxation where the two avant guard brands NATURA BISSE’ and PHYTOMER, offer assurance for your beauty.

AQUASPA is a wonderfully exclusive experience made extra special by the additional benefits of the excellent treatments we have to offer using the above two brands.

NATURA BISSE’, is an internationally renowned product and has been created from the use of elastin amino acids and natural collagen, both present in these cosmetics. Specific and extremely effective product lines are available for professional body and beauty treatments.

PHYTOMER, an innovative kind of treatments which set the best of the sea at the service of the beauty. The production method respects the environment and limits the ecological footprint. The treatments invite you to experience a healthy, natural and durable beauty.

Thanks to the AQUASPA experience our guests will receive a total sense of synergy and well-being, also, thanks to our therapist who will help and guide you in your choice of treatments, suitable products and home care following your visit. Our guests may also try out for themselves the various water treatment routes in the microcosmic AquaExperience; an wonderfully transparent, shining area, where the focal points are our mineral water swimming pools offering therapeutic properties and moments of sheer relaxation.

Promotional treatments:


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Sultan’s Veil – Blissful escape to the land of the Arabian Nights. This beautifying treatment, rich in sensorially, offers the skin the wonderful softness of a Sultana skin. The Rhassoul mixes with the enveloping scent of jasmine and white  owers.

(60 min | 70 €)


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This gilded beauty treatment offers a dazzling experience, rejuvenating the skin while relaxing the body. The exceptional regenerating power of 24K Gold is combined with two anti-aging  owers to enhance the face and body.

(Face and Body Beauty Ritual 70 min | 80 €)


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Anti-age toning and correction of wrinkles treatment. Three important moments to renew your skin, stretch your wrinkles and restore your face. With only one treatment wrinkles are less visible, the skin is more compact and the colourful brighter.

(50 min | 80 €)


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A unique experience, an indulgent, sensory journey, aimed at physical wellness. The ritual starts with a steam bath in the humid zone, with Garda lemon and orange essences, renowned for their antioxidant properties. The whole body is gently scrubbed with almond oil, Dead Sea salt and fresh lemon drops, in preparation to the whirlpool immersion combined with chromo ­therapy. Now the face too is ready to receive a pleasant lemon and orange scented treatment, to reach complete relaxation.

(150 min – €230,00 per person)


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A magic couple experience….the inebriating scent of the Damask Rose and the diamond dust mixed in a scented and intense cocktail.
The exfoliation regenerate the skin, the pleasant and embracing massage cradle you in a romantic and magic ritual…2 glasses of Prosecco, fresh fruit and private sauna complete your experience.

(150 min. € 350,00)

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