An incredible unforgettable experience

Some things just don’t change: the warmth of hospitality, the pleasure of sharing, the desire to relax.

In the beginning of 2020 these things were almost forgotten. But we have never stop to work for you, aiming to ensure you the same pleasure of staying and being together.

Nothing left to chance.

Aiming to always being one step ahead in the attention to every detail, the national directives and the World Health Organization guidelines were just our starting point. We defined a more structured safety process, the StayInSafe@Aqualux protocol, created by a pool of safety professionals who have analysed every area in order to ensure you a safe stay in our hotel. This protocol integrates our quality and procedural standards.

Avoiding contagion is an act of co-responsibility, that is why the engagement of everyone is fundamental. To fully enjoy the wellness experience we are preparing, we only please you to pay even more attention to the others. Preserving others people means preserving yourself.

All the information about our safety protocol will be downloaded by QR code after your arrival.


  • Booking is needed.
  • When your booking is confirmed, you will check-in sending the documents of all guests by e-mail (


At your arrival, in case of a group, only one person can enter into the hotel.

A person of our staff will check temperature. If it’s higher than 37.5° C, you can’t enter.

When you finish check-in, all people of the group can come in for temperature check.


  • Lifts are always in use in compliance with the hygienic protocol.


  • Daily temperature check before breakfast.
  • To avoid too many people in the restaurant, breakfast will be organized on two turns.
  • Lunches and dinners will take place with the service (Evo Bardolino gourmet restaurant temporarily closed)
  • Menus will be downloaded on your mobile or available at Front Desk.


  • Temporarily replaced with TakeAwayAqualux (special takeaway boxes)


The soul of our hotel. The respect of the protocol by all guests will allow you to enjoy the experience of our swimming pool area.

  • OUTDOOR e INDOOR pools: Access will be limited for each pool and it will be constantly monitored by our Staff.
  • Children up to 3 years must wear swimming diapers.
  • You don’t have to wear a mask when you are lying on sunbed or in the water. Otherwise, it’s requested.
  • Sunbeds will be at your disposal in accordance with our #stayInSafe@Aqualux protocol.

Our Staff will be pleased to give you all information you need during your stay in the pool area and will remind you that preserving others means preserving yourself.


High safety standards will allow you to enjoy our wellness experience.


  • Steam bath: closed.
  • Sauna: reservation requested in order to limit the access.
  • Access to saunas will be monitored by our Staff to guarantee wide personal protection.
  • Sunbeds will be at your disposal in accordance with our #stayInSafe@Aqualux protocol.


  • It will be asked to wear a mask.
  • Access to the cabin is allowed only in bathrobe and slippers.


Aqualux attention for the  environment and eco-sustainability is today even more relevant.

In addiction to the ClimaHotel Certification, issued by the Agency CasaClima, our hotel has another specific study on the recirculation of air in closed environments developed by Swiss engineers specialized in CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) to reduce the risk of spread of COVID-19.

This analysis makes possible to determine the correct exchange of air in all inside areas, so that both the protection for our guests and our staff and the maintenance of our eco-friendly and air quality standards are guaranteed.



  • Temperature check at the beginning of each shift.
  • Wearing masks is compulsory.
  • In the beauty area: Staff will wear personal protective equipment according to the kind of treatment.
  • Specific hygienic protocol increases the normal sanitisation procedures of Aqualux.


The hotel is designed to ensure maximum use of indoor and outdoor spaces. Guarantee your freedom and comfort will be our aim.

We will organise services to be sure there will never be too many people in the same area and ensure at least 1 meter distance from each other.

Helpful signs will remember you how using personal protective equipment and let you have an unforgettable stay.

Hygienic jelly dispensers are at your disposal in the hotel.

Did you forget your mask? Ask to our staff.

Due to the circumstances, we offer a special flexible booking policy.

Some services might temporarily be not available or limited. We thank you for your kind understanding.


Our Staff we’ll be pleased to help you before and during your stay.

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