Sustainable facial treatment with Caper Flower

Sustainable facial treatment with Caper Flower

The holistic experience of our ORGANIC-SPA is enriched with sustainable treatments dedicated to the body, based on selected 0 km products, chosen among the many and precious ones that our territory offers and which are produced by the farms in the surroundings of Lake Garda, without resorting to fertilizers or pesticides.



50-minute treatment €70,00

A typical product of the Gargnano and Limone area, the caper is the symbol of the Mediterranean character of the coastal landscape, it grows spontaneously in rustic bushes, mainly in the dry stone walls of lemon groves and olive groves.
The Garda capers are delicately picked by hand, between June and October, and it is not infrequent to meet caper pickers along the roads of the lake.
It has photoprotective properties, reduces redness and rashes, contains vitamin B5 with anti-radical and healing functions, has moisturizing and emollient properties, is an excellent anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, gives a real energy boost to the skin.
The proposed ritual is intended to be like the magnificent pink flower of the caper which, with its numerous pistils, infuses positive energy into the skin and mind.
After a light scrub, a mask based on capers, yoghurt and red wine is applied to the face and body, while the scented notes of Garda lemon are diffused, which puts the mind at rest and relaxes the nervous system.
Finally, after a warm shower and a hot infusion obtained from caper root which, in addition to being digestive, will benefit the superficial skin circulation, a sweet, slow, enveloping total massage which will also involve the neck, to better channel all the energy released by this super ingredient.


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